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  1. GREY

    this exceeded all expectations, another great mask from an excellent mask maker!!!

  2. DAVID

    this mask company is amazing!!! I can’t believe they keep topping themselves! Look at them before ordering a silicone mask!

  3. BRUCE

    Excellent quality. Highly detailed. Fantastic. Thank you!!!

  4. PAUL

    this was the best one yet, exceeded all expectations, couldn’t be happier!!


    Amazing quality! And I received it only a few days from ordering it. I didn’t think that was even possible for silicone masks. In fact I was really worried with all the stories of haunters receiving masks and being disappointed. I am NOT disappointed! I will be using this mask for a character I call “the Maintenance Man” for my haunted trail Zombie Farms. I can’t wait to play in it. These guys are awesome mask makers!

  6. Saint

    very good silicone mask, very realistic and moves well with the face, this is my second purchase from them and they are always prompt and deliver a superior product

  7. Nyall

    Amazing, but need to figure out how to hide the week spot “the eye holes” had to wear sunglasses when I turned to Mr Santa.


    Beautiful, one of a kind, high end mask…

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