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About The Masker – manufacturer of unique realistic silicon masks.

Founded in 2013

We were born? raised and made with love in Chicago. Created to help you find best masks for your loved ones and yourself.

More than 1000 clients

Including: Warner Bros, CTC (Russian TV), Netflix, Copenhagen National museum, Universities, and even soccer stars.

The company turnover has grown 5 times

For seven years, we studied technique and developed skills to achieve the required level. Our job is to make our customers more than happy! Thanks to the hard work of our employees, as well as their efforts and enthusiasm, we were able to increase the company’s turnover by 5 times. However, we do not stop there and continue to develop.

When you do something professionally and with love, it is art.

We believe that our company can meet the demand of the most privileged clients. Our high goal and mission is to become a world famous company for the development and distribution of unique high quality silicone masks at an affordable price.

We create theatrical, carnival, ritual, decorative, martial and underground images. Our company strives to maintain all of these categories and delve deeper into new ones to make masks as familiar to people as clothing, hairstyles, baubles or tattoos.

It doesn’t matter what exаctly you do. It is important that everything you touch changes shaре, becomes not the same as before, so that a particle of yourself remains in it.

Founder and owner of Тhe Masker Sergey M.

Your benefit to order from us

1. Prices below market  by 30%

We optimized each and every step of the production process in the way that we can keep the most competitive price-point for our customers while providing the highest quality product.

2. Delivery 2-5 days

At this time, our products are  available for delivery in world wide

4. 100% safe product

We use only high quality medical grade silicone that does  100% skin safe

5. Lifetime warranty

We provide a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Additionally, we stand behind our customers and do whatever it takes to make sure that you are totally satisfied with your purchase. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our ongoing promise to you.

Take a look at our products

The prices for our masks arе 30% lower than the market average

Welcome to our workshops

Our team

Our success is based on the collective knowledge and many years of eхperience of our team, реople with different backgrounds: artists, historians, actors, biologists and engineers.

Artist, Sculpturist
Photography, Digital Content
Customer Service
Artist Sculpturist

4 easy steps and you have a unique mask

Тo order from us, it will take you only 5 minutes just three clicks

You leave your request
Our manager will contact you clarifies details and issues an invoice you
you pay the bill
in 2-5 days you will receive the mask