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The masker is out with a new super realistic silicone mask!

Here you can find, choose, and buy silicone masks. Our FX masks are created by the best professionals with over 30 years of experience.

Perhaps you are a collector, an entertainer, a haunted house owner, or work in the Hollywood film industry or television. Maybe you want to have fun on Halloween or just love pranking your friends! We believe that creativity changes the fate of humanity. If you are here, you are a creator, you’re probably crazy, and a fan of hyper realistic mask, just like us. Lucky for you, you have found friends and like-minded people.

Attention! Important news for you!

We have revealed the secret of how to make outstanding ultra realistic masks! Over the years, we have refined our technology to create realistic silicone masks. For 7 years we have grown from a small Chicago based theater’s in-house workshop to professionals in the production of unique high quality fx masks at an affordable price. Each mask is a unique piece of art and the result of many days work by our high skilled professionals – sculptors, technicians, foundry workers, and artists.

We take pride in every step of creating our realistic masks. Each silicone facial mask goes through a long and complex hand-crafted process that takes between 150 and 250 hours.

Why our super realistic masks are safe and reliable.

Since the mask has direct contact with human skin, your safety is our priority. Our principles are to use only the best and safest materials in our work. It takes 3 to 4 pounds of silicone to create one full head mask, depending on the image or character being created. We cannot make the realistic mask ultra-thin for all characters. The Masker uses only premium medical grade silicone to ensure high quality, safety.

Premium silicone is not afraid of moisture – nor high temperatures, fading, staining as opposed to latex masks which will not give you this superior result and quality.

Our clients

Curious to know how magic happens?

The transformation begins with the manufacture of a super detailed core from special plasticine.

While sculpting we pay special attention to every detail, even down to the smallest wrinkles of the skin to achieve the highly realistic effect of our silicone face mask. After that comes the molding stage. This is the lengthiest stage – it takes more than 150 hours. We take the time to achieve our patented perfection. The next step is casting. Now it’s time for the magic! At this stage, the liquid silicone turns into a mask.

After hardening, we remove our mask from the fiberglass case and clean it. After cleaning and polishing the seam lines, the mask is ready for painting to become realistic masks for sale.

We sweat the small stuff!

Multi-layer painting of the mask with drawing of all the details, freckles and moles, makes the mask really look like human skin. We know how to make the smallest and well-positioned eye holes. We use power mesh to reinforce the eyes, nose and mouth to provide better fit and durability without restricting movement. You can naturally frown, talk and eat in our realistic silicone masks. The interior of the mask is tactile like leather, making it super comfortable. You can wear your mask without removing it for many hours.

The size of our masks is 21-23 inches. This is the average size of a human head. Masks are suitable for both men and women. At your request, we make hair, mustache and beard punching. We use artificial hair, which is individually punched into the mask with special needles. We do it in record time within 3 days. At the final stage, a protective and smoothing layer (organic talc) is applied and we ready our silicone masks for sale.

If you have an idea for custom silicone masks, then you’ve come to the right place!

We are ready to turn any of your wildest imaginations into reality.

We listen carefully to your wishes and can create a mask according to your design, drawing, or 3D model. Let’s make a custom realistic mask together. We especially love it! It’s so addicting! You become the co-author of your super unique high quality mask! You will have to pay more for such a mask, but it’s worth it! Plus our prices are lower than others in the industry. Please, email us for all the details.

Choosing us, you choose high speed, guarantees, and fantastic quality!

We are a game changer in the market!

Choosing us, you will make sure that you can get a high quality hyper realistic mask, saving your money and time.

7 years on the market, thousands of satisfied customers.

Including: Warner Bros, CTC (Russian TV), Netflix, Copenhagen National museum, Universities, and even soccer stars. We can deliver your made to order mask in 1 week or create a custom mask in 6-8 weeks. Also, we deliver all over the world. We provide you with a 100% free lifetime mask warranty. We guarantee your silicone face mask will last you 25 + years when used properly. But if you are one of the less than 1% of people whose mask is damaged for some reason, you just need to contact us by phone or email and we will repair your mask for free excluding shipping

Cooperating with us, you

  1. You get high speed, guarantees and fantastic quality!
  2. Save your money and time.
  3. Get the opportunity to get the mask all over the world!

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