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9 reviews for Benicio del Toro

  1. Afatema

    Fits good on me w/a large head. Tight and hard to get on, but once on, it is really nice! Mouth moves with mine. Great

  2. Brooks

    I really like this mask a lot! It looks really nice and fits better than I expected. One thing you should know is that the lips don’t move as much but it’s nothing that some double sided body tape couldn’t fix. It’s a really great mask for the price!

  3. Max

    Mask looks good but may be too small for an adult head. Had to send it back because it was too uncomfortable.

  4. Remington

    I had a cheap mask before that never looked or felt right, i didn’t care for it well and after it wore out i thought id get a nicer one. Im a fat man close to 300 and though it thight i can still get in with the help of some baby powder or oil. The quality is far better, so is the fit and the basic makeup is a nice conture which i could never get to work on a mask when i tryed with my makeup. The mouth is a little off for me but think i can fix with some dyi. For me the hardest part of imagining coming out way the 1st bit where your just an uncomfortable in your own skin, though to pass from real long term wont work as you can move the eyebrows and such for most day to day interactions it will. people closer to you you’ll probably still need to tell but it gave me the confidence I needed to get my transition started thank you for a wonderful product

  5. Afatema

    Wow! This is a great mask! I love masks and have a huge variety of them, but was looking for an old man mask that looks convincing and of great quality. This is definitely it. It is comfortable to wear and fits well. I have quite a big head though, so for the tiny-heads out there it might be a tad too large.

    I really like that it has an opening for the mouth so you can drink/eat while wearing it, and the mouth moves a bit when you talk. I used it at a costume party and got so many looks from people thinking it looked extremely real.

    The only issue I see are the eyes. Obviously you need to be able to see, so the holes are decently sized for that, but it can also “spoil” the illusion of it being real. With some make-up you should be good to go though.

  6. Blake

    This mask is a nice “in between” mask. It’s somewhere between super cheap masks and ultra-high-end ones on the market. It’s a good price and provides a quality that’s close to a high end mask (good enough if people aren’t looking too closely at it) but still isn’t a substitute for the higher end alternatives.

    If your budget permits you to go for a SPFX mask, I would. If it doesn’t, this is a good alternative.

    Mask fits good and tight on me. I have a large-ish head (not freakish but I have noticeable trouble finding hats that fit). Eye holes were a bit small and took some getting used to and hearing in this mask is very difficult. Still much better than alternatives in the price range.

  7. Afatema

    While it was a little snug on my husband, the tightness made it more realistic! He had to cut a slightly larger hole for the nose and mouth, but it wasn’t noticeable. Every time his face moved, the mask moved. He wore it into a party and people actually thought he was an old man. Would highly recommend this!

  8. Afatema

    Do not buy this. It’s eyes holes are so painful and wide set there is no way anyone can use this. I wanted item shipped quickly it came much later and could not use for Halloween party. You need days to figure out how to get in to it then that will determine how to work the mask. The conclusion it’s a horrible texture oily ness and shape . Unless you cut the head off and it’s too expensive for that. I would not recommend this not only is it hard to get into the chest was heavy. My friend was blind and hunched over from the ten tonne pendulum breasts. Designed for an Asian person. Impossible to make it work for someone without eyes on the side of their head.

  9. Afatema

    No unpleasant surprises with this purchase. In real life, the mask looks exactly like it does in the photo. It’s very details and fairly creepy, perhaps more so than you’d think based on the photo.

    The fit is great and there is no slit up the back like most masks have, so it holds up from different angles. After playing with it, I’ve found that by pinching the back of it with a binder clip, you can really make this a form-fitting mask that moves with your mouth for some very eerie, realistic effects.

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