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10 reviews for Basilisk

  1. Sutton

    This is the most realistic mask I have ever seen in my life amazing! My sons girlfriend sat on the couch and talked to him not knowing it was him! I have bought two of them and me being heavier than him gives it a whole different look!

  2. Jamison

    This mask is super cool. Looks realistic for the money. Lips move with your mouth. It would be especially good for someone with a big head.
    Helpful vote please!

  3. Royce

    I bought this for a Halloween costume at work and my own children and my coworkers did not know who I was! I am a woman and this mask contoured to my face nicely so I could see and breath. The neck is fantastic as well because it is longer than most masks. It does get hot after awhile but that is true with any mask like this. Fantastic product!

  4. Leland

    It was absolutely horrifying!
    So perfect!!
    So gross looking adds to the effect total hi

  5. Kendrick

    Its just great my mother said it looks so real i love it

  6. Augustine

    I spent a long time debating on whether or not to purchase this mask. The reviews were good but I was still hesitant because in some of the pictures posted by others the color didn’t look realistic. I finally decided the lighting in the pictures probably causes the inaccurate color of the mask. I made the purchase and was very pleased when it arrived. The color was great, exactly what I was hoping for. I put it on and looked in the mirror and started laughing because it looks so good. I sat on the couch with it on when my wife pulled in the garage and walked in the door and it gave her quite a scare. I actually glued a little piece of plastic inside by the lower lip that fits just on top of my lower lip with the mask on which allows me to move the mouth of the mask up and down when I talk. It’s not perfect, but makes the mask even more fun. I am totally happy with my purchase and highly recommend this mask to anyone. I am looking forward to our family Halloween party this coming weekend, my grandkids are going to love it.

  7. Ford

    Fit me well I’m a 6″3 male…… Mask isn’t what i was expecting it’s way better…. It’s thin so it moves very realistic with you. It also has alot of small detail you can’t see in the pictures, like skin tag and moles very happy

  8. Drake

    I was really excited about this mask, after reading several reviews here describe it as kind of tight fitting and thus sort of realistic looking, allowing it to move with your face. Sadly that was not my experience. Not sure if mine was a different size or if those folks have big heads, but it was loose on my head. I’m a 33yo guy, I don’t think my head is small, but this had too much wiggle room and thus it didn’t sit well and kind of drooped. If I had pinned the back of the mask to make it tighter, it may have worked fine. But I decided to go with another costume and returned this. So basically, its a good mask, high quality, just be prepared for it to maybe not fit well.

  9. Franklin

    you look old. They have Velcro at the lips to help you make the masks lips move with yours. After about 15 min of wearing it you head will start to get hot but that’s expected. It is a mask. Overall, for the price, it’s well worth it

  10. Damon

    A great mask , on myself personally it fit perfectly but I have. A medium to large sized head if you have a smaller head it doesn’t fit as well. I walked around the office in this and a few people didn’t even know it was me in a mask

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