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  1. Jaxon

    Mask looks good but may be too small for an adult head. Had to send it back because it was too uncomfortable.

  2. Mason

    Very realistic but for fit me very tightly. I had to cut the eye holes bigger so they wouldnt hurt.

  3. Kyler

    So many people thought I was actually a 90 yr old alumni in my fraternity. I tricked so many people and it’s awesome the lips even move with it.

  4. Gannon

    While it was a little snug on my husband, the tightness made it more realistic! He had to cut a slightly larger hole for the nose and mouth, but it wasn’t noticeable. Every time his face moved, the mask moved. He wore it into a party and people actually thought he was an old man. Would highly recommend this!

  5. james

    This mask is super cool. Looks realistic for the money. Lips move with your mouth. It would be especially good for someone with a big head.
    Helpful vote please!

  6. Addison

    I buy a new mask every year, and this one is my new favorite. It’s even better than the pictures. I’ve scared the crap out of my wife and kids a few times already! haha… Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars, is that it’s a little tough to take off, but that might be because of my huge melon.

  7. Jaxon

    This mask is a solid buy for the price. Obviously it’s not up to par with the masks you see on the YouTube comedy channels, but with a little creativity you can definitely make a realistic “old man” getup with this mask. I got some props to add and made this a convincing old man costume (sunglasses, a fedora hat, cheap gloves, and a cane.)

    – Looks pretty realistic
    – Easy to put on and take off
    – The neck portion goes underneath a shirt for added realism

    – Mask is too stiff for mouth to be convincing if you try to talk
    – Eye holes are a little big
    – Neck is very wide (to allow your head to fit through). I fixed this by using a metal clip to tighten it in back after putting it on…

  8. Cason

    No unpleasant surprises with this purchase. In real life, the mask looks exactly like it does in the photo. It’s very details and fairly creepy, perhaps more so than you’d think based on the photo.

    The fit is great and there is no slit up the back like most masks have, so it holds up from different angles. After playing with it, I’ve found that by pinching the back of it with a binder clip, you can really make this a form-fitting mask that moves with your mouth for some very eerie, realistic effects.

  9. Jameson

    Wow! This is a great mask! I love masks and have a huge variety of them, but was looking for an old man mask that looks convincing and of great quality. This is definitely it. It is comfortable to wear and fits well. I have quite a big head though, so for the tiny-heads out there it might be a tad too large.

  10. Bronson

    This mask is a nice “in between” mask. It’s somewhere between super cheap masks and ultra-high-end ones on the market. It’s a good price and provides a quality that’s close to a high end mask (good enough if people aren’t looking too closely at it) but still isn’t a substitute for the higher end alternatives.

    If your budget permits you to go for a SPFX mask, I would. If it doesn’t, this is a good alternative.

    Mask fits good and tight on me. I have a large-ish head (not freakish but I have noticeable trouble finding hats that fit). Eye holes were a bit small and took some getting used to and hearing in this mask is very difficult. Still much better than alternatives in the price range.

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