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10 reviews for Dwarf Happy

  1. Afatema

    Very disappointed. The mask received doesn’t look like the picture. Mainly, there.s no shadowing to enhance the depth of the wrinkles and the splits on top of the head were colored in hastily by someone with a sharpie. My mask is blue, not gray like this pic. Since the mask was folded for shipping, one eye sticks out and I’ve been unable to get it to look right. It will be a good enough mask for being out with the kids, but won’t win any awards at an indoor party.

  2. Harrison

    Excellent look. The mask is good quality and looks like it does in the picture. The blue eyes are included and there’s clever spaces around the blue eyes that you see out of however its a little difficult to see – not bad tho. The mask is very big. I had to make adjustments to the inside so it would not swing around as I turned my head. I got glued thick foam pieces to the inside which made it stay in place. This was super simple to do and very cheap. Even if you go buy a glue gun, glue sticks and foam it’s less then $10 to do that. There is a slit in the mouth so you can drink through a straw if necessary. it was a good purchase but it definitely runs BIG. There are also nose holes as well. I gave it 4 stars only because it runs big and big enough that I couldn’t just wear it without making adjustments. The look of the mask is 5 stars, the quality is great.

  3. Afatema

    Very good used this for my cosplay, maybe it’s unfair but gave it 4 stars because it doesn’t have a neck. Though mine sags to slightly to one side so it’s not symmetrical, I’ve even when I’ve tried to mold it correctly even with a heat gun as a last resort.

    Other than that quality is really good, and looks really close to the original.

  4. Afatema

    Great looking but huge slops about on your head so you can’t see out of it had to send it back dissapointed as its a great likeness

  5. Wyatt

    Looks great. Difficult to see out of. I’m going to have to expand the eye holes, which is tricky since this will require shaving material from where the blue eyes in the mask are, the field of vision is too narrow so I can really only see partially out of one eye. I guess I’ll blame my stumbling around on the booze. Fit is large, I duct tapped a 3 inch by 3 inch of 1 inch thick foam to the top dead center of the mask, a few inches aft of there.

    The mask looks great, the fit leaves something to be desired, but what do you expect…. we all have different heads 🙂

  6. Afatema

    This mask is awesome. I’m 6’1” andit fits perfectly. The eyes are a bit narrow to see out of but a small price to pay for such a cool mask.

  7. Afatema

    Fits well – goes over your whole head, keeps its form and yet it not tight or hot. Weird thinner material but it goes on easily, with room and pops out back into a perfect shaped head face instantly without any working it. The other masks ive ordered are just front with a strap and all smushed and u have to reshape them and they sag constantly but not this bc it covers your whole head correctly to neck it doesnt move around. Super super real looking. Eye holes were good. Lightweigh. Least smelly of all the masks ive ordered. It still smelks but not nearly as bad – i could tolerate the smell well enuf straight away out of the box (as opposed to letting it air out a month like some other).

  8. Afatema

    I purchased this mask for Halloween and was excited to use it until I seen what the mask looked like. It was huge and definitely not what the picture described. I requested a refund and was disappointed to know I would be paying the shipping cost to return. I re ordered the mask hoping it would be one that resembled the picture and was happy to see that it did. I love the second mask, it looks great. I am just highly disappointed that I was shipped a bogus mask from the start and had to pay for shipping.

  9. Kingston

    You get what you pay for with masks, and this mask was expensive, but worth it. Looks exactly like the Night King, and is detailed and realistic. People do not like it when you wear it. It’s creepy. The only negative is you can’t see through the eyes very well. He was perfect for our Night King mannequin (See pic).

  10. Afatema

    The mask is really good, highly detailed. The only downside is I wish if covered the neck more but overall really good.

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