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8 reviews for Dwarf Funny

  1. Afatema

    Probably one of the best Area 51 alien mask for the price. However I am a little upset because I found the exact mask for only $15.79 on another online sight a day after I got mine. But considering mine arrived in a couple days plus had a return policy I am satisfied. I am 5’10” and my head isn’t small and it fit perfectly. I can even see fairly well. Mine arrived in good condition with no deformities or anything outside of a slight latex smell. Be careful not to rip it putting it on if you have thick hair. Really freaky looking and this Halloween handy out candy might be a lot funner watching kids give that extra look for it’s realism. I need to get the hands but look around for the glove type that has 5, long grey fingers. I found them but hate spending another $14. If you wait until after Halloween I am sure you can get this at a better price.

  2. Afatema

    Both fits and looks awesome, just the look l wanted for my Halloween Costume

  3. Ashton

    Purchased as a birthday party photo booth gag. It was wildly popular. Men even danced with it on. We laughed for days. Seems to fit any head size. Some of the guys were good size. Really funny! Well made!

  4. Afatema

    One of the highest quality Halloween masks I’ve ever seen in this price range. Came faster than expected. Worth the purchase

  5. Cole

    This thing is awesome. Fit my fat head perfectly. Got drunk one night and went on a crazy spending spree. This was one of my blackout purchases. I had forgot I ordered it and it should up at work one day. Had a blast running around work with it on freaking people out. I’m considering wearing it on stage when i play my bands next show.

  6. Afatema

    Haven’t bought it yet but I am literally laughing my ass off as soon as I saw this.

  7. Afatema

    My wife is extremily brave, but when our friend stood outside the window with it, she pretty much had an anxiety attack. Also fun to leave around the house in various positions and place in the bed, gets her every time!

  8. Afatema

    Basically the hood is great, it just needs a few adjustments or modifications. 1st, instead of the eyeslits just over the eyes for sight, tinted mirror like lenses for eyes would be better. 2nd thing would be a slit parting the lips enough to simplify putting a straw through it for drinking. I slit the mask where the lips meet each other for that purpose, but it was a little difficult putting a straw through to drink. The mask was part of a Halloween costume worn for several hours.

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