The Realistic silicone masks are normal masks that are made up of a special kind of rubber called Silicon rubber. They are durable, flexible and are well adjustable on your face. The mask is made up of sterilized silicone. The full mask contains a bid section that lies up to the chest,back of head and shoulder to make the illusion of transformation better. If a wig is installed then it is put above the bid from the forehead section upto the back of the head. There are also certain websites from where if you get your mask, you will get the opportunity to custom them.You can choose the colour of your wig and eyebrow at a wide range of shade variation.

These masks are very useful and are comfortable to use. It can be easily attached and removed from your face. It is fully readymade and does not take much time to set it on your face. It is quite easy to use. Even it is easy to carry. Anywhere and everywhere you can carry these masks with you and can use anytime wherever you want. These masks have many uses, some of them are listed below

Uses of Realistic silicone masks :

1. This realistic silicone mask is mainly used in the film industries for make-up or transformation purposes. For different characters playing roles, the artists use these masks in order to put on a good expression and acting spirit in their work.

2. It is used by secret agencies personnel to hide their own identity for secret or undercover ,missions. This helps in preventing them from revealing their own identity. When agents of some country go on undercover operation in different countries, he/she has to hide their identity, so that if anything happens to him/her then his/her country shall not be blamed. At times like this, these masks become very much handy.

3. It can even be used by general people to change or hide their own personality in front of others. Sometimes if someone has some marks on their face or if they have a distorted face for some reason, they also use such a mask to look pretty.

4. You can even use them to spy on others. If you want to spy then using such a realistic mask you can move in front of him/her without being caught, for that person will not be able to recognise you at all.

5. One can even use these masks to entertain or scare people or do a prank on them. It is very entertaining to prank with your friends or family members and freak them out.

Nowadays hyper-realistic masks are being made so realistic that most of the people fail to recognise or distinguish between the real face and the masks. It is very hard to understand just by looking at someone’s face.

Some of the types of realistic silicone masks found in market are as follows :

1. Hans mask with hair – This one perfectly realistic and can be wear for hours without any problems. It can be used in theaters, movies or even for doing pranks with friends and families.

2. Greg Leps mask – This mask is an exact replica of an arrogant selfish man but he is a bodybuilder and has thinking about himself.

3. Santa Claus mask – Perfect replica of the Santa Clause. An old man full of grey hair and whenever he comes, along with him he brings happiness and joyness in everyone’s life.

4. Creepy mask – He is the creepiest guy that you can ever find. He is hated by everyone because of his creepiness and cheap works.

5. Barrie mask – He is an old man with white eyebrows but no hair on top. This mask is perfect to prank someone.

6. Marvin mask – He is a very old man with wrinkled skin. You can also use this mask for doing prank with someone.

All these masks are very realistic and you can not easily recognise the difference in the real face and the mask. You can get these masks from general costume store as well as online stores and websites. In online websites you can avail for various offers and discounts. Some of the websites even gives you the oppertunity to custom your own mask. They also has the fast delivery system and your product will reach you within no time. Get one of this mask and try to entertain and prank with people, for sure you will enjoy it.