The Halloween mask was originally portrayed by Nick Castle. It was first used in one of John Carpenter’s classic horror movies, the movie got a large amount of positive reaction from the horror stories loving public and community. These masks portray a perfect face of horror, scary and demonic people and creatures. The people from the “Trick or Treat” studios recently released the accurate replica of the mask that has been used once in John Carpenter’s movie. You can get one of them by giving a pre order.

From the first look of the mask you can well understand how creepy and scary the mask is. It can be used to scare you friends or family members. In case of scariness you will be able to score a good point with the help of these masks. For sure, this is the best look that you can have if you really want to scare anyone and freak them out.

This is a silicone mask and is well adjustable to the face. The mask contains two parts – the hide and the wig. The hide is light and flexible. It covers your whole face upto neck and shoulder. And in the head portion the wig is attached to the hide. It is comfortable and looks totally realistic.

USES OF HALLOWEEN MASKS : 1. It can be used for party purpose wear. The most appropriate wear for Halloween parties as well as all those parties where the theme is put to be horror, scary or monster .

2. For the purpose of acting in the movies, theaters and drama, the artists have to use such Halloween Masks. These masks are mostly used in all the horror and scary movies Moreover, this mask’s origin was from movies only.

3. To pull a prank on your friend and family members you can use these masks. You can freak them out with scary makeup and looks. TYPES OF HALLOWEEN MASKS :

1. Goblin Face Mask : This is like the face of a goblin. It is super creepy and weird. They are mainly green colour dwarfs and are evil, clever and are full of mischief.

2. Serial Killer Face Mask : He is a super creepy serial killer doctor who kills people at night and keeps their organs in his lab. But in the morning he is the best doctor in the town.

3. Butcher Face Mask : He is a psycho and a mass murderer. He just kills people for his fun. He likes the scream of other people. If you get caught by him, he will surely kill you after butchering you and you organs into different pieces

4. Clown Face Mask : This is at the top of the creepy masks of halloween parties. He is a circus clown who makes you really laugh through his act but at night he steals small kids and eats their soul.

5. Scarecrow Face Mask : It is a scarecrow with the face of a pumpkin and tries to kill all those people who come near his field with sickle.

6. Puppet Face Mask : It is a puppet within whom the soul of many evil spirits has been stored. It looks cute but becomes alive at night and kills people. 7. Boogie Man Face Mask : It is an evil creature that comes out at night and haunts people and kills them brutally without any mercy.

8. Witcher Face Mask : These entities perform witchcraft and most of the time cause trouble to others.

9. Joker Clown Mask : He makes people laugh but under that mask there hides a murderer who is obsessed with this kind of society and wants to make a new society of his own.

10.Dobby Mask : These are also one kind of dwarfs but they are very helpful. They have only one problem, the problem of forgetting things. They have very short memories.

You can get all these masks from any costume store and is also available in different online websites. During Halloween they give various offers on different products. So, you can get them at a very affordable rate from online stores. They also have fast delivery services and your lovely Halloween mask will reach you as soon as possible. All these masks will surely fit you perfectly because of the rubber used in production. Even if it is not so comfortable, you can return it without hesitation. Afterall, customer satisfaction is the main priority of any business. Always while buying such products you must check the quality and the material of the rubber used. The low quality rubber may affect your skin and face leading to various skin diseases and rashes. Without properly washing your face never wear any masks. You should always take these precautions before using any kind of mask. Do not forget to look in customers reviews before buying any products be it mask or any other thing from online shopping stores and websites.