Fat Punk Willy

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9 reviews for Fat Punk Willy

  1. Bobby

    Great mask. I love the photo image…it looks so real. I wish they carried more masks of women & men. I used it on a mannequin that I use for teaching. It would be great to find other photo masks of “normal” females & males, vs. scary halloween masks.

    Because it’s a pull over mask, the neck area lays pretty weird because when you pull the material back, it shows either wrinkles or sagging skin. We used a turtleneck.

  2. Clark

    I would prefer to give this a 3.5 star rating. It was a great price, very spooky, decent quality, but ran a bit small and due to the size, the eye holes pressed against my face and impaired my vision. I have a pretty small head, so think this would be a problem for most.

  3. Edward

    Great head for humans. Other humans think you are a human too and ask no questions about strange eyes or orifices. 5 stars too low as there are billions of stars in your galaxy alone.

  4. Edwin

    It’s not expensive, it’s not bad and it’s not great. In fact it’s as advertized. It looks realistic enough to creep people out. I ended up carving the eyes because it was too tight on the eyelids. It’s even better now: it’s more realistic and I can see perfectly.

    I would gladly buy it again, or try another model from the same brand.

  5. Arden

    Really love this mask I have a few on my arsenal. I let.my friends get drunk at my house to start entertainment. Just love it. Every time i have to buy a new one becauae people like to take one and each of them.

  6. Edwin

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m using it to create a caveman face over a too-pretty manikin for life-size mascot for our class reunion. The fabric is stretchy enough to accommodate soft sculpturing with batting and tough enough not to rip or run. Easily accepted hot glue for creating a fake hair uni-brow. Maybe not the intended product use, but a great price for an experiment that worked and much more realistic than the crummy caveman masks available. I did try it on and it fit fine and visibility thru the mesh eyes is excellent. There is quite a bit of loose fabric around the neck, but you could run a couple seams in it or pad it.

  7. Auden

    It really does look pretty real. But if you have sensitive eyes, you may not want to get this. My husband cant wear it because the eyes of the mask is a really thin sheer fabric and it just kind of touches your eyeballs from how close the mask is since it is stretchy. Its a really cool mask, whoever thought of it and designed it, is smart.

  8. Clark

    this is an incredibly good mask for the price – looks realistic. some have complained about the eyes – they don’t really bother me and i can see fine with them. it is not the type of mask you would keep on all night.

  9. Darwin

    When I received this I was so disappointed. I thought,”Oh, it’s some cheap fabric with drawing on it.” I WAS SO WRONG! It’s a stretch fabric and hugs my face. It’s breathable and comfortable to wear. And IT LOOKS SO REAL!!! Very impressive. Highly recommended.

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