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11 reviews for Cyclops

  1. Preston

    The whole face is exceptionally well done, with a big exception of the eyes. I do understand that this is typically one of the harder things to get right, but I can’t see a way of hiding it with makeup on a western face. Regardless, it’s great for the price and a pair of sunglasses and wig do wonders.

  2. Silas

    The mask is definitely worth the money. It was a little big on me and the nose holes too small, but still a good mask. I couldnt stand the hair so i bought another wig for the mask. Know it looks awesome.


    Amazing, but need to figure out how to hide the week spot “the eye holes” had to wear sunglasses when I turned to Mr Santa.

  4. Vance

    I have a longer than average face and the length from the eyes to the chin is way too short. That wouldn’t be too bad if there was a little extra to cover up my chin/neck, but it looks ridiculous when I put it on. The eye holes could be a little smaller, too. I guess it’s hard to make a generic item that will fit all face types, though. Overall it’s decent quality (the hair is ugly), but definitely sized for somebody with a smaller head.

  5. Jeremy

    Love it! I still have to do the make up…also trimmed some of the neck away so its more comfortable.

  6. Auberon

    For the price its excellent. Only issue for me is the ears are not defined enough for my eyeglasses to stay on my “face” but was easily resolved by buying and using a eyeglass strap.

  7. Acker

    It seems to be a quality product. the silicone is very thin but seems very strong. I’m not sure what it is actually made of. The wig is attached and seems to be a quality wig and the hair looks quite real. I can’t believe there aren’t more masks like this that are around the same price range. However i did wait a long time for it to go on sale because there was no way i would pay more than two of my tens. It is not worth any more. It doesn’t fit perfect obviously and if you have a large head than it probably wont fit you. It would be nice to be able to change wigs also. Overall i am happy

  8. Gerald

    I really do Like this face, it kinda looks like flo in the progressive comericals. The eyes did not line up with mine. Had to cut out a little off the mask in the upper eye area. There is also a slight bulge in the mask above both eyebrows. You need smooth this out the best you can.

  9. Sawyer

    The mask arrived with a different wig than pictured – it had long straight brown hair with no bangs, parted down the center of the forehead. The latex was slightly damaged in the delicate areas and had significant bubbling at the ears. I got this wanting to look creepy but the fit was poor and the quality was a far from warranting a $50 price tag.

  10. Myles

    Mine came without bangs and I like it better than the picture . It is very comfortable and has elastic net on the back where the hair is so it doesn’t pull my hair or get hot. It is big enough for a man. I suspect it would fit a man’s face better. It is loose and the lips don’t move when I talk. Very. Ice for the price. The ears have a little bit of disintegration or air bubbles or something. Not noticeable at all when wearing perhaps they are the reason for the low price. Very thin and soft latex and little odor.

  11. Abilene

    So I really love this mask! I paired mine with a lace front wig that DOES NOT come with the mask. The mouth moves with mine and can even show slight facial expressions. Only downsides are the weirdly cut eyeholes and bulges where the brows are. Besides that, I LOVE it.

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