Masks are in use since ancient times and it provides quite a different look to the person using it. Previously ancient theater was greatly depended on them. Realistic silicon masks were in great demand as these masks helped in providing a perfect look. In the present scenario, masks have taken a complete new role. Nowadays, it is used entirely for entertainment. Birthday parties for children are no longer complete without the use of whistles, the party hats, and different kinds of masks. And even adults are also not left far behind when it comes to masks. People prefer to wear masks at costume parties, particularly when it’s Halloween, and move around pretending to be someone they are not. Masks generally provide us the opportunity to move around the world in the mode of incognito. We are indeed aware of the fact that we need to go back to being ourselves the moment the party is over, but still there is great joy in temporarily being somebody else.

Silicone rubber is a flexible material of choice for different mask makers and various casting artists. The excellent flexibility, perfect strength and long life, work in its favor apart from the versatile usage for almost any application. Silicone rubber is usually used for general mold making applications as the molds manage to capture fine details and can be made very quickly. Most materials – like that of all types of resins, foams, wax and low-melt metals – can be easily casted in silicone molds. It is also suitable for making different kinds of soaps and candles, sculpture reproduction as well as cold casting. Special rubber variants can be used for making different food molds, realistic masks, doll reboiling, special effects etc. If you are going to play any kind of role in dramas or theatre then you can definitely make a purchase from our site and get the desired look for yourself.

Opting for the right kind of Realistic silicon masks, will offer an individual with the chance to get the right kind of mask for an individual without fail. Here are certain types of silicon mask to offer our customers. Let’s have a look:

  • Tin cured silicone rubber generally uses tin salts that work as a catalyst to initiate the cure from liquid state to solid. This is also known as condensation cure. Platinum cured rubber has a platinum catalyst that is used for curing and is commonly known as addition cure.
  • Tin cured silicones also require moisture for proper curing. Excess humidity can easily accelerate the cure time whereas humidity indeed have no effect on the curing of platinum variants.
  • Tin cured variants are less expensive and also prove to be easier to use while platinum based ones turn out to be quite expensive.
  • Tin cured silicone molds and casts may tend to shrink a bit at times while the platinum cured counterparts enjoy virtually nil shrinkage.
  • Tin based silicone is tear resistant and even considered biodegradable. Its counterpart is considered very pliable and tough.
  • Platinum cure silicones offer exceptional heat resistance and work better in high temperatures than tin cure ones. The former can even be heat accelerated for faster curing.
  • Platinum cured silicones require very accurate and careful mixing, but this is not the case with tin cure ones.
  • Tin cured silicones are primarily suited for general silicone mold making, prototype applications and prosthetic works. Platinum cured silicones provide good dimensional stability and work well for precision molding, special effects applications, encapsulations and paints. The latter comes in food safe, skin safe and transparent versions also.

    Choosing the right Realistic silicon masks, offers the right look to an individual as well. These types of masks can be worn in various theatres and helps in shaping the character without creating any kind of disturbance. Opting for the right kind of masks will offer an individual with the chance to get a complete different look without fail. These masks are usually designed from rubber and they fit the shape of the face in a perfect way.

There are no such negative effects found of using these kinds of masks. The material is easy to carry and can also be easily adapted without much trouble. Therefore, choosing the right kind of silicon mask that indeed makes one look realistic and justifies the character should be chosen. This will indeed make one look perfect without much hassle.